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No. There is no limit. However, care should be taken with this. Since Statsframe makes analysis with all given variables, you might want to reduce the number of variables in your dataset, to only those you really wish to evaluate or analyze.

You can copy what you want from the Statsframe and paste it into the report, or ask us for help.

No. For the report, the most important values are passed, to be discussed and that allows to draw conclusions.

No. Statsframe does not perform tasks simultaneously. Please wait for the report to finish for further analysis.

The “Generate Partial Report” option exports the report of the module in which the user is.

The “Generate Report” option exports a complete report of the descriptive and inferential analysis (all variables) or combination of variables of the dataset), and of the modules that the user simulated analyzes.

The Statsframe automatically defines the best test to use depending on the type of variables and their distribution.

The “stringsAsFactors” function turns text variables into factors. Depending on the type of analysis you are working on, Statsframe may need to consider the variable as text or as a factor.

No, all variables must have at least one value. If a variable in the dataset is empty, the Statsframe will abort, and the report will be incomplete. Please, remove empty variables.

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