2020 – Social Networks

We’ve expanded our presence in several Social Networks online: Twitter, Facebook, and Zaask are just examples of our expansion to other possible ways we can communicate with our clients.

1-11-2019 Affiliation Program Available

Our partners now have an affiliation program available. This will provide more conditions for our partners to prosper in the selling of our services.

We aim to help them in this quest for better reporting and data analysis, either by individuals or enterprises.


12-10-2019 Demo Licence soon Available

A demo license version of the software will soon be launched on our website!

This was something we were all waiting for since some customers already asked for this in the past. It is expected that the demo license will provide a full-featured experimental limited period.


1-08-2019 Statsframe software prepares for a new era in Reporting.


Above all show the data!

Edward R. Tufte

This software will reach even the most mathematics impaired person. With incredible new features the new PRO and ULTRA versions/subscriptions will get your report up to the notch.


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